Sat  |  April 28  |  5:30 pm
Wine & Beer Walk
Fri  |  June 1  |  8:00 am
Junkin' On Jefferson / City Wide Garage Sales
Wed  |  July 4  |  4:00 pm
4th of July Parade

Iowa's Rodeo of the Year - Leon, Iowa View more videos

Licenses, Permits, and Forms

Download City of Leon  Licenses, Permits, and Forms here.

 Animal licenses renew annually from January 1 - February 28 (or 29) each year.  After that, a $5 penalty will be applied.  To license your pet, just bring proof of your rabies vaccination in to City Hall.  The fee is $5 if your pet is spayed or neutered and $10 if it is not.  Animals under 6 months of age are not required to be licensed.