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RAGBRAI Preliminary Outcome Shows $16K Profit

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

by The Leon Journal-Reporter

The Leon RAGBRAI Executive Committee reports a successful event in Leon, closing the books in the black!

Beverage Garden - $31,790.00
Food & Vendors - $28,317.00
Hospitality/T-Shirts - $4,671.88
Housing - $698.47
Sponsorships - $8,225.00
RAGBRAI - $10,000.00
Other: $155.00
Total Income: $83,857.35
Beverage Garden - $12,528.81
Electrical - $2,085.52
Entertainment - $13,385.48
Insurance - $3,906.64
Food & Vendors - $5,275.00
Hospitality/T-Shirts - $5,002.15
Information Center - 77.05
Law Enforcement - $6,945.00
Medical Supplies - $435.00
Publicity - $5,697.00
RIDE RIGHT - $2,197.40
Sanitation/Trash - $9,425.60
Other - $199.20
Total Expenses: $67,159.85

Total Profit/Loss: $16,697.50

*** This is the book balance as of August 26, 2016. These figures are not finalized. The expense line items might increase as bills are paid.

“Our initial budget when we started the budget process in March was $97,000.00 in expenses. We cut the budget by $18,000 in May and June to $79,000.00, and cut it again throughout July,” stated Kolton Hewlett, RAGBRAI Executive Chairman. “We are very proud that we were able to host a great event in Leon at such a low budget compared to other overnight towns. Our goal was never to make money, we just wanted to bring in enough money to pay the bills.”

Although the RAGBRAI committee did not set out to make money off of the event, they fortunately were able to finish in the black. As a result, they were able to refund all local non-profit organizations their food vendor fees.

“This was a goal that the Executive Committee set from the beginning,” stated Hewlett. “We wanted our local non-profits to be as successful as possible.”

How the monies plan to be spent in the community-

The RAGBRAI committee will also be contributing $1,500 to the Decatur County Conservation Board for the Savannah Hills Learning Center at Little River Lake. “Rich Erke [Decatur County Conservation Director] and his crew put in a lot of work to allow several thousand riders to be able to camp at Little River Lake. We felt that since RAGBRAI is the largest tourism event in the State of Iowa, that by contributing to a new learning and nature center at the lake, we are contributing to one of the biggest year-round tourist attractions in Decatur County,” stated Hewlett.

The remaining $15,000 will be used to fund a portion of the construction of a house in Leon through the SWCC building and trades class, which is a partnership between the Leon Chamber of Commerce, Decatur County Development Corporation, Central Decatur School District, and others.

For more information about the RAGBRAI results, contact Kolton Hewlett at 641-344-0624 or