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March City Council Updates

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

by Kolton Hewlett

The Little River Lake Road that connects Highways 2 and 69 by the Little River Lake is in dire need of repair. The center line of the roadway is in the corporate boundary between the County and the City of Leon.

County Engineer Dan Doerfler and Assistant Engineer Keith Hinds were present at the February 13th Council meeting to discuss needed improvement to the Little River Lake Road. The City Council decided during the course of the regular meeting last Thursday that it would be in the best interest of the community to undertake a resurfacing project of this roadway with the county. The entire cost of the project is around $580,000, with the County and City splitting it.

The council held a public hearing to discuss the proposed Resolution authorizing a Loan Agreement and the future issuance of a General Obligation Street Improvement Bond or Note and providing for the levy of taxes to pay the same, the Principle amount of the loan not to exceed $190,000. In addition to the loan amount, the remainder of the balance of the City's portion of the project will come from the water department, general fund, and local option. Following discussion, it was approved by the council to proceed with the Resolution which authorizes the loan.

In addition to this street improvement project, the City will be looking at revitalizing the two water towers. Water Superintendent, Junior Jennings, informed the Council that he had been in contact with a contractor that will look over the two towers, clean and televise them for $2,000 each. Once this process is completed, the contractor will make recommendations to the City whether or not both towers need painted inside and out. There is the potential that the project could cost approximately $100,000 if both towers both inside and out. What needs to be done will be determined by Jennings and the Council once they have received results from the contractor.