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Leon Business of the Week: Leon Car Wash and Laundromat

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

by Kolton Hewlett 

Leon Car Wash and Laundromat, located at 201 East 1st Street and owned by Jason and Cayle Buckingham, has been re-serving the community of Leon for the past three years. The car wash and laundromat had previously been owned by Gail and Donna Duerr for numerous years. 

Seeing a profound need for both services in the community, knowing it was going to take up a lot of time without striking profits, Jason and Cayle opened up for business in July 2011. The car wash is open 24/7 and offers all of your basic amenities to get your car spick-and-span in two separate wash bays located side-by-side. The laundromat end of the business facilitates two commercial washers and dryers, as well as 4 standard washers and dryers. 

Jason and Cayle were both born and raised in the Leon area, and have chosen to raise their three children—Blaine, Waylen, and Lily in their hometown. They are a farm family that enjoys all of the conveniences of small-town life. Jason and Cayle both appreciate the fact that "most people know you, and you know most people." 

They take pride in the way their facilities look at all times, and try their best to keep everything clean and up to par. The laundromat has multiple customers that are coming down from as far as Osceola because of the cleanliness. Cayle and Jason are thankful for all of the people that have shown appreciation for the services they are providing for the community of Leon. 

Jason and Cayle are also well into the process of opening up a new business on the west side of the square called Buck Naked Sporting Goods. They are planning to sell an assortment of hunting, fishing, camping, marine equipment, as well as guns, ammo and general sporting goods. They are hoping to open the first part of July if everything goes as planned. 

We want to thank Jason and Cayle for their continued dedication to the community of Leon and confidence in our future. It takes people like them who are willing to take a chance like opening a car wash/ laundromat in addition to opening up a sporting goods store, for our community to continue to succeed. We wish them the best in all of their endeavors, and are excited for many more years of achievements.