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Leon Business of the Week: Westview Acres Care Center

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

by Kolton Hewlett

For almost fifty years now, Westview Acres Care Center has been providing our community with a quality service for the elderly. Westview Acres Care Center was built in 1966 and was purchased in December of 1973 by Stan & Pat Birchem.  In 1984 the nursing home was sold to a large corporation, but, in 1991, when the opportunity arose for Stan to repurchase the nursing home, he went for it.

Stan & Pat have three grown married children who all grew up in and around the nursing home, some working and some just annoying staff.  Stan and Pat are also very well known for their unique selection of pets or animals at their home just outside of Leon. Over the years, these pets have included horses, llamas, dogs, chickens, and more. Whenever they get a chance, Stan and Pat enjoy fishing, and Stan has also always been a devoted antique car enthusiast. They also enjoy following their grandchildren’s many activities, along with Central Decatur sports in general.

“Caring above all else,” Westview tries their hardest to create a comfortable, home-like environment for their residents as much possible. Westview Acres Care Center is a 76-bed skilled nursing facility staffed with professional nurses, certified medication and nurse aides, an activities/recreational department, a dietary staff trained to meet the special dietary needs of their residents, laundry and housekeeping personnel, on-site maintenance services, and a social worker, as well as many other excellent services for their residents.

Westview Acres Care Center is dedicated to the "Service of Caring." Their residents can be served on a long-term or short-term basis. Personalized service and around-the-clock supervised care is provided by a staff dedicated to Westview’s tradition of excellence.

Westview feels very fortunate for the many healthcare facilities throughout Leon.  They feel that their most important business relationship is with the Decatur County Hospital and South Central Iowa Community Health Center. Westview works conjointly each day with the hospital staff and physicians to try to meet the needs of their residents as best as they can.

We want to thank everyone as Westview Acres Care Center for your time, dedication, and commitment to provide such excellent services for the elderly population in our community. We expect many more years of success.