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City Council Meeting

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

 by Kolton Hewlett

The Leon City Council met for their regular meeting on Thursday, August 8, at 7:00pm in the council chambers. The department heads all gave reports on the operations of their departments, and there was extended conversation about the wastewater treatment plant project. Also, the public hearing for the Solid Waste Ordinance Hearing was rescheduled to Thursday, August 26, 2013. It was also approved to renew the City of Leon’s annual contribution to the Decatur County Development Corporation.

Casey’s General Stores was represented during the meeting by their district manager, area supervisor, and Leon store manager, as well as the Casey’s construction manager. They expressed interest in purchasing half of the alley that runs west and east from Highway 69 to North Main Street, which would close the entire alley. They plan to add on to the north side of their building to give them some extra storage space. There would be a fence separating the parking lot of the apartments just north of the store, and the apartment tenants would still have full access to their parking lot. They will also be moving the location of their dumpsters, and plan to fence them in to look more attractive. Upon advice from the City Attorney, the council instructed Casey’s to come back to the next council meeting on Thursday, August 26, with a formal proposal giving details of what they plan to do. The council will then hold a public hearing on the matter on Thursday, September 12.

County Supervisor JR Cornett was also present for some of the meeting to further discuss with the council details of the Joint Authority between Decatur County and the City of Leon for the new jail. The “authority” will consist of three commissioners: one to be elected by the Board of Supervisors from the area outside the county seat, one to be elected by the Leon City Council from the area inside the city, and once to be elected by both the Board of Supervisors and City Council. The “authority” will have no law enforcement powers.

The jail will be located on the block east of the courthouse. The County will purchase Tom Mounsdon’s dentist office, providing the outcome of the November 5 election, and then trade it for Verle Norris’s law office, which will be used for jail administration. There are also separate purchase agreements, both also depending upon the election, that have been signed with the owners of the properties behind the law office (Dustin Buckingham and Jon Leahy), and this is where the jail will be built. The two buildings will be connected.

There was also some discussion in the meeting about the new trash cans that will be placed at every home sometime in the near future. The plan is for the city refuse workers to place the new cans in the location that the City would like the cans to be placed each week for pick-up. There will be a letter placed at each location explaining details of how it will work. There will be a number assigned to each household which will be placed on the trash cans in order to help keep track of where each can belongs. As always, each can is allowed three bags of trash (or about forty pounds). If you need to set out additional bags for pick-up stickers can be purchased at City Hall allowing you to do so.