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Leon Business of the Week: Beachy's General Store

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

by Cait DeMoss

Beachy’s General Store, owned and operated by Crist and Marlene Beachy and family, has been serving the community of Leon for the past three years, having been established in November 2011. Beachy’s, located at 200 N Main in Leon, is on the west side of the square. Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Sundays they are closed to spend time with their family and attend their church activities.

Beachy’s specializes in bulk foods, discount groceries, deli meat/cheese, miscellaneous items, close outs and auction items. Some seasonal items include plants and fresh produce.

When Crist and Marlene moved to Leon in 2006 to be near family, they noticed an empty building and eventually made contacts about purchasing it. The couple had always wanted a business when they moved to Leon, but held off due to the timing.

After their son was born in 2008, they decided to wait until he was old enough for them to start their business journey. "I have enjoyed having a relationship working with my children where others may not get to experience this, "Marlene said.

The Beachys’ main goal was to provide affordable, bulk groceries for the community. With nine kids of their own, the Beachys understand how things can be tight. Beforehand, the Beachys had to travel an hour away to go to a discount store, such as the one they run.

Beachy’s General Store provides many novelty items, including their fresh meats and cheeses from the Deli, which provides year round business and booming holidays for the Beachys. Along with the deli, the rotating inventory and discounted items will keep customers on their toes. "Its a type of store where you never know what you’re going to find," said Marlene.

In addition to running their own business, Beachys enjoy meeting new community members. Since they are not originally from the community of Leon, it has been a great way to meet people, Beachy commented.

Beachy’s General Store appreciates the current activities that the Chamber holds, though they especially enjoy the annual 4th of July parade.

Leon Chamber wants to say thank you for your addition of a business to help fill that empty building around the square. Your confidence and support in our community of Leon is greatly appreciated. We wish you luck in all your future endeavors.