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Leon Business of the Week: Leon Lock and Key

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ever been locked out of your car, home, lock-box? Call Leon Lock and Key at 446-6362, and your problem will be fixed in no time. Leon Lock and Key is owned and operated by Steve Willis. If not an emergency, Leon Lock and Key can be contacted at

Steve and his wife Marla moved back to Leon in 1999 after he retired from the Military. Willis began driving a bus for the Central Decatur Schools as soon as he returned to the Leon area, just because this interested him.

In 2002, Steve Willis, no stranger to Leon and a 1967 Leon school graduate, saw a need in the Leon area for a locksmith and this new venture struck his interest, therefore Leon Lock and Key was established. Steve’s wife Marla gets partial credit for this business as she encouraged Steve by saying, "You need something to do."

Steve Willis is a Certified Locksmith and provides a 24 hour Emergency On-Call service, for commercial and residential needs. Willis has the ability to make commercial and residential keys, install and repair locks, assist with home and auto emergency lock-outs, just to mention a few.

When in need of a locksmith, call Leon Lock and Key, as he provides reasonable rates and is easily available. Steve said, "My policy is to only charge for services I am able to provide and if it is my mistake, I give free repairs as I stand behind my work." Customers return to Willis, as he is easily accessible and provides a quick turnaround.

Willis received his certification from correspondence courses from Foley-Belsaw in Kansas City.

As a business owner, Willis appreciates the products of nuts and bolts he has access to in Leon and the fact he can purchase diesel in town is important for his transportation needs.

He has a great relationship with some local banks with his expertise in the locksmith business and has been asked to drill safety deposit boxes. A misconception of this service, is he doesn’t just go drill. He actually doesn’t do anything to the safety deposit box until Willis is contacted by the bank, as they are the owner of the bank box. 

If you are a landlord, you can be comforted to know that this is the same ruling Leon Lock and Key provides for any renter, as the landlord is the owner of the property and Willis will not duplicate any keys or destroy property that the owner has not requested assistance for.

An interesting fact about Leon Lock and Key is that he also provides "Proprietary Locks," which means that duplication of keys cannot be made by anyone except the Locksmith who installed the lock. This could provide a peace of mind for landlords and business owners.

The Leon Chamber wants to thank Steve and Marla Willis for seeing the need for a locksmith 12 years ago and taking action to provide this service to help those in need. We wish you great success and appreciate your support to keep Leon on the map.