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Leon Business of the Week: Little River Inn Motel

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Little River Inn Motel, currently owned by Monty and Laura Beemer, greets visitors with friendly hospitality and a charismatic atmosphere that helps draw travelers near and far to this establishment.

"Clean, comfortable and friendly, that’s what describes Little River Inn Motel well," Laura said. The motel is open 24/7 Monday through Sunday.

The 12 unit motel has had three different names in the past. In 1951, Bob and Elaine Storey purchased the Smith Courts from Jim Smith and named the motel Storey Motel. In August 1976, Miles and Mary Ruth Horn purchased the business and changed the name to Horn Inn Motel. The motel remained the Horn Inn Motel for a few years as the business continued to change hands, with Dwight Munday and Larry Maggard purchasing it in August 1992, then Galen and Marilyn Smock becoming owners in October 1994. 

Margie and Duane Burchett, who purchased the motel in November 1995, were influenced by the creation of Little River Lake and chose Little River Inn Motel as the name for their business. In 2006, the Beemers purchased the motel from the Burchetts.
Beemers landed in Leon after one day when they were driving through Leon and saw this motel was for sale, which grabbed their interest. "We had been looking for a business for sale, specifically motels and became interested since Monty’s roots are from the area," Laura said.
In addition to Little River Inn Motel, the Beemers run a two suite guesthouse named Little River Guest House, located in Leon, which they describe as "Grandma’s House," in addition to a ranch house for bigger groups located in Davis City.
Laura described some history of the motel and how at one time hunters would come to the motel and specifically ask for room 11 because of a deer painting hanging on the wall. Legend had it that if you stayed in room 11, the hunter was destined to get his buck on the trip. The deer painting has since been replaced in the room.

"One thing about this motel is that it has always had a reputation of being friendly," Laura said. "We always tell people to make themselves at home."

Laura and Monty also commented that they have been very blessed to have a wonderful cleaning staff. "They do a wonderful job," Laura said.

Laura and Monty enjoy traveling, in fact, prior to purchasing this motel they had lived in Peru. Laura also enjoys gardening and canning, while Monty dubbed himself as an auction hound that likes good deals.

In "Grandma’s House" his auction hound skills are displayed as almost everything in there is treasures he found at auctions.
"It really is like grandma’s house," Laura said, "from mason jars filled with old buttons to antique furniture, this place offers you a home away from home. Just like grandma’s house."

Monty and Laura have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Leon community and know the importance of buying local.
"Leon’s been very welcoming from the beginning; this community has been very good to us," Laura stated.

The Beemers are very happy to have all the local businesses in Leon and refer their out of town customers to the banks, eating places, grocery store and mechanic shops. They also use all local services to help with the upkeep of the motel.
"There are a lot more resources here than people realize,"Monty said.

The Beemers also noted how they are happy with the latest achievements the Chamber has done for Leon. "I am impressed in how they’ve been making progress,"Laura said.

Leon Chamber thanks the years of commitment by the motel owners. Their dedication in providing a clean and comfy home away from home to the services for community of Leon is greatly appreciated. We wish the Beemers great success in their future.