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Leon Business of the Week: CD Schools

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Central Decatur School District has been a huge part of Leon since the school district consolidated in 1955. The school district currently consists of the South Elementary, grades PK - 2nd grade, North Elementary, grades 3rd - 6th, and the Jr.-Sr. High School, grades 7th - 12th. 

"Education has always been a part of the county and has evolved through the times," Chris Coffelt, Superintendent of Central Decatur Schools, said.

Coffelt wants to let the community know that the school has a very committed staff that cares about the students. The staff is involved with the students, in various ways such as being coaches, mentors or advisors. The staff also strives to involve students in many different educational and extra-curricular ways.

Fortunately for Central Decatur and the community of Leon, Superintendent Chris Coffelt is no stranger to Leon, Iowa. In fact, he is a Central Decatur alumnus from the Class of 1989. Coffelt then furthered his education by attending Iowa State University in Ames. He then moved to Kansas City with his wife, before moving back to Leon. 

In 2006, Coffelt accepted the position of Elementary School Principal. Three years later, he became the superintendent. 
The Central Decatur School is the third largest employer in the county, employing around 131. The school also utilizes substitutes, not included in this number.

The Central Decatur Administration, staff and School Board are always researching programs to improve the education for CD. A couple of recent additions that have been:

1 - In January 2013, the school began a 1:1 laptop program, which provided all 7th - 12th students with their own personal Mac laptop, allowing the students to use it as their own for school work and even take it home with them during the school year.
2 - After a successful CD staff vote to support students in implementing the System for Teacher and Student Advancement (TAP), beginning with the 2013-14 school year, Central Decatur became 1 of 2 school districts in the state of Iowa to have a TAP program. The goal of the TAP System is to improve teaching professional practices resulting in improved student achievement.

Improvements like these should help the Central Decatur graduating students be better prepared for their future education and jobs.
Coffelt says that the school provides not only academics to the community, but athletics and other types of opportunities that work with students to find ways to give back to the community.

Coffelt commented on how he is grateful that there are so many businesses in the community that support the school. "The Chamber’s focus on supporting business development is a great focus and I hope all businesses continue to engage with the Chamber," Coffelt said.

Leon Chamber greatly appreciates all 131+ employed at Central Decatur, for their dedication to our youth, in their education, extra-curricular activities, arts and drama and all around character. A community is only as strong as the future they are building. Central Decatur is providing a great future for Leon. When the teachers, parents and community work together, everyone wins. We wish you continued success in all your endeavors.