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Leon Business of the Week: CHCSI

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

by Kolton Hewlett

Opening on April 1, 2005, Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa (CHCSI) has been serving the community of Leon for just over 9 years. They were formed through the efforts of community members dedicated to helping ensure health care for those in need in Decatur County, and surrounding communities. They were awarded the 330 grant from the Department of Health and Human Services in 2004. 

Focusing on patient satisfaction, with the mission to "make high quality health care accessible to everyone in our region," CHCSI provides a wide variety of health care services to our communities. These services include Primary Health Care, Preventive Health Care, Tobacco Cessation, Mental Health Counseling, Behavioral Health Intervention Services, Substance Abuse Counseling, Emergency Dental Care, Primary Dental Care, Preventative Dental Care, Secondary Dental Care, Dental Rehabilitation Services, and much more. 

Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa is truly a one stop shop for comprehensive health care. They have an amazing staff that is committed to their patients. CHCSI employs three medical doctors, three nurse practitioners, a physiatrist, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, a dentist and dental hygienist, substance abuse counselors, and multiple therapists. 

With limited resources in our rural community, CHCSI understands the importance of collaborative partnerships with other health providers in the area. Being a not-for-profit organization, CHCSI takes great value from the opinion of the community it serves. "We focus on patient satisfaction," stated CHCSI CEO Samantha Cannon, "so when we get feedback from the community we try to incorporate it." That is also why a majority of the members on their board of directors are also patients. 
CHCSI is a very important part of our community by sponsoring many school and community activities throughout the year. They make it one of their top priorities to not just be in the community, but be a part of it. 

We want to thank everyone at Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa for continuing to provide superior health care services to our community. We are confident that our health care needs will be taken care of for many more years to come.