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Leon Business of the Week: Roy Havens Financial

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Roy Havens, a self-employed insurance agent, could be called many things: charismatic, a jokester and most importantly knowledgeable about his business he has been running for 35 years.

Havens specializes in retirement planning, investment planning and making sure his clients' investment suits their age and goals. As an independant consultant, Havens says he had the advantage of letting his customers know the many companies available for investments, which is important today to help his client achieve his or her goals.

"I have product knowledge, I know what's available," Havens said. "One size doesn't fit all and it's important to have numerous companies."

Havens and his wife, Cindy, have been happily married for 28 years and have a daughter, Kate, 18, who is attending Drake University studying Journalism.

When Havens isn't helping his customers find the best opportunities, he is enjoying life with his hobbies, which include golf, flying and building aircrafts (he has built two and is looking forward to building another one in the future.)

Havens believes that his clients keep coming back to him because he gets a lot of positive feedback from his past clients. Havens also strives to keep up with the new products that companies have to offer.

"The fact that most people have a tendency to put off their long term planning is why I'm here to help my clients set and achieve their goals," stated Havens.

Havens also has a huge announcement for his customers, he will be bringing on a young man by the name of Seth Fulton. The plan is that Havens will work with Fulton for four years and eventually hand off the business to him.

"I want to let everyone know that I'm still here and will be, it's hard to find someone like Seth that has the knowledge and is willing to work," Havens said. "I'm tickled to death to put this together."

Havens acknowledges the importance of buying local and utilizes many of the shops in Leon. "Theres no question that From the Ground is a big deal to me. I can come here to do paperwork, visit with's a good atmosphere to get stuff done," Havens said.

In regards to the current Chamber activities and how Havens thinks the Chamber is doing, he has one statement. "I'm tickled to have Shane Akers, who is working hard to make improvements to make this a better community," Havens said. "He's the young, hometown kid that cares...he's aggressively pursuing to better the community."