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Leon Business of the Week: Terrace Park Assisted Living

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

by Kolton Hewlett

Terrace Park Assisted Living has been serving our community for over thirteen years now.  Terrace Park was built in 2000 due to the need in our community for a facility to provide for individuals that needed a little extra help, but not total nursing home care. Terrace Park made history by being the first assisted living facility in Decatur County.

Terrace Park is owned by Stan and Patricia Birchem, also owners of Westview Acres Care Center in Leon.  Manager Jonda Petty, with the assistance of her staff, provides the day-to-day operations of the facility. 

With the goal to provide another option for the elderly in the community, while at the same time tying Terrace Park in with Westview, they decided to attach the two facilities together.

Working to furnish “all the comfort of home,” Terrace Park offers sixteen private apartments, which individuals are able to furnish and decorate as they wish.  Terrace Park is set up much like a hotel, and they really want people to understand that it is not a nursing home. Their staff are there to help residents in tasks such as bathing, dressing, meals, housekeeping, laundry, and medication assistance, among other things . . . Terrace Park doesn’t do for; they assist with.

Our population is aging very rapidly, and you never know when a family member could become sick and need a little extra care.  For that reason, Terrace Park usually has a waiting list at all times. “I personally feel that the reason we are blessed with a waiting list at most times is because of the wonderful care we have given to many tenants over the past twelve years that I have been manager,” said Jonda Petty, “I did a lot of marketing at first to educate the community and citizens of Leon about an assisted living and how it differs from a nursing home, but now it is basically all word of mouth.”

Terrace Park Assisted Living is well-known all throughout our community, as well as the many surrounding ones, for providing excellent care and quality of life to their tenants.  “I set very high standards for myself, my staff, and for how I expect Terrace Park to be run,” stated Jonda, “and I feel that is what keeps Terrace Park’s reputation above and beyond other facilities.”

We want to thank everyone at Terrace Park Assisted Living for all of their hard work and dedication to the services they provide for our community. We are blessed to have a facility that provides superior services for the elderly in our county and allows them a comfortable place they can call home. We are excited for many more years of continued success.

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By Kolton Hewlett | Leon Journal-Reporter