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Leon Business of the Week: The Cutting Edge

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Cutting Edge is more than just a place to get your hair done or to get a quick shave, it's a place where friends meet.

 "They aren't just customers, they're friends," Donna Hill, owner of The Cutting Edge, said.

 The Cutting Edge has been bringing glamour to Leon since 1988, providing Leon with a full service beauty salon and for the past two years it has provided a full service barber shop.

Donna's son, Dylan, went to barber school (where he met his wife, Jessica) and decided to come back and join his mother at The Cutting Edge, offering haircuts, shaves and his specialty, hair design (where he can carve out a picture in his client's hair.) The family operated hair salon, mother, son and daughter-in-law, Jessica, offers its customers competitive prices, a friendly and accommodating environment and hair product prices the same as what their clients could purchase them for in Des Moines.

 Donna was born and raised here in Leon and chose to come back to Leon to start her business. "I wanted to raise my kids in a small town," Donna said. Donna has three children, Dustin, 29, Dakota, 26 and Dylan, 23.

 When Donna isn't in the salon she enjoys spending time with her grandkids, sewing, the outdoors, flowers, playing with her dog Griz and staying busy.

 Donna wants to let everyone know that The Cutting Edge is a very family oriented salon and welcomes everyone.
 "The beauty shop is often dubbed the gossip shop, but it's not like that at all. People confide with their hair dresser, it's a very personal experience," Donna said. 

 Donna acknowledges the importance of buying local and supports other local businesses, such as the pharmacy, grocery store and specialty shops to name a few. She also notes that she enjoys having other beauty salons in town.

 "We have several beauty shops in town and we work together as a team. If one of us needs something, we don't have to go far to get it. There's enough clientele for everyone so there's no need to compete with each other, that's how I've always felt," Donna said.

 The Cutting Edge is located on 104 E. 1st Street in Leon, with contact information being 446-3555.

 "We're convenient in location and you can get in for a hair appointment almost any day," Donna said. "Very rarely do you have to wait."

 Donna is very impressed with the current chamber activities and especially happy that the Masonic Park is getting re-done, because she believes that kids are the future. Though, Hill does have a comment in regards to something she wishes would happen.

 "I just wish there were activities for our young people to keep them out of trouble," Donna said. "I also wish that we could restore our town to its glory days."

Leon Chamber says thank you to Donna and her commitment to the community of Leon for not only providing a needed service to the area, but also providing the opportunity to provide a business adventure for your family to continue that tradition. Thank you Dylan and Jessica for your dedication in keeping the town of Leon on the map. We wish you continued success.