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GRM Networks Contributes to the Community

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thanks to generous grants from GRM Networks and Net INS, we have purchased a drinking fountain at Leon Noel Park (Little League Fields). Thank you so much!!!

GRM Networks has announced the 1st Quarter 2015 GRM Community Improvement Grant Program recipients. They are as follows:

The Mercer Homecoming Committee in Mercer, MO was awarded $500 purchase LED lights for the Mercer Homecoming Park.

The City of Leon/Leon Visioning Committee in Leon, IA plans to purchase a drinking fountain for Leon Noel Park with their $500 grant.

The Gentry Lions Club in Gentry, MO will use their $250 grant towards replacing siding on Gentry Lions Club Hall.

Since 1999, GRM Networks has awarded 208 grants to deserving community organizations in its serving territory. To apply for a GRM Community Improvement Grant, visit or stop by any GRM Networks business office and pick up an application. Questions should be directed to Amy Clapham, Sales Representative, at (888) 748-2110.

The deadline for 2nd Quarter Grant Applications is June 30, 2015.