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Another Successful Rodeo in Leon

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Friday, July 10, 2015

A sum of 757 contestants contended for the top prize money during the 53rd Leon Rodeo, on a bright and sunny Fourth of July weekend. This figure continues to rise each year.

From this pool of contestants, 12 states were represented this year, which included: Iowa,  Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Ohio, Arizona, Wyoming and Nebraska.

This year, a total of $45,271.80 was paid out in prize money.

Local rodeo aficionados were able to see two local competitors earn money for their efforts.

Opening the list was Weston Pierschbacher of Grand River, Iowa. He scored an 85 in the Saddle Bronc event, enough to earn him first place and $580.92. 

Bailie Smith, of Leon, Iowa, earned second place in the Girls Barrel Racing event with a time of 14.726 and $1,430.21 winnings. Smith also received a second place tie in the Break Away Roping with a time of 2.1 seconds and $1,273.23 winnings. Bailie was named the All Around Champion.

 4 contestants - No Rides
 3 contestants - No Rides
 Billy Griffin, 1st, Oak Grove, MO, 79 points, $740.72; Justin Williams, tie for 2nd, Lawrence, KS, 78 points, $462.95; Tyler Pasoui, tie for 2nd, Fort Scott, KS, 78 points, $462.95; EJ Karp, 4th, Winterset, IA, 75 points, $185.18.
 Weston Pierschbacher, 1st, Grand River, IA, 85 points, $580.92; Logan Allen, 2nd, Pacific Jct., IA, 84 points, $484.10; Seth Schafer, 3rd, Yoder, WY, 82 points, $387.28; Jordon Corrigan, 4th, Toddville, IA, 78 points, $290.46; Chad Green, 5th, Lorimor, IA, 76 points, $193.64.
 Colton Hoggatt, 1st, Gardner, KS, 74 points, $1,180.64; Jake Johnson, 2nd, Butler, MO, 71 points, $885.48; Cody Anderson, 3rd, Alta, IA, 70 points, $590.32; Issac Toliver, 4th, Lamont, MO, 67 points, $295.16.
 Luke Potter, 1st, Maple City, KS, 8.2 seconds, $981.36; Joe Macoubrie, 2nd, Alva, OK, 8.6 seconds, $812.16; Henry Hatfield, 3rd, Maryville, MO, 8.7 seconds, $642.96; Luke Madsen, 4th, Marshalltown, IA, 9.2 seconds, $473.76; Tyler Macoubrie, 5th, Louisburg, KS, 9.5 seconds, $304.56; Ryan Spurgin, tie for 6th, Emminence, MO, 9.6 seconds, $84.60; PJ Spencer, tie for 6th, Collinsville, OK, 9.6 seconds, $84.60.
 Dustin Jilek, 1st, Princeton, KS, 9.2 seconds, $736.02; Jay Domer, tie for 2nd, Topeka, KS, 9.6 seconds, $545.67; Bill Huber, tie for 2nd, Albia, IA, 9.6 seconds, $545.67; Rich Baker, 4th, Brighton, IA, 10.3 seconds, $355.32; Rick Hinkle, 5th, Powersville, MO, 10.6 seconds, $228.42; Matt Swearingen, 6th, Nevada, MO, 10.9 seconds, $126.90.
 Kirbie, Crouse, 1st, Gallatin, MO, 1.9 seconds, $1,717.38; Reed Boos, tie for 2nd, White Cloud, KS, 2.1 seconds, $1,273.23; Bailie Smith, tie for 2nd, Leon, IA, 2.1 seconds, $1,273.23; Payton Weehler, 4th, Maloy, IA, 2.2 seconds, $829.08; Kate Hanson, tie for 5th, Everly, IA, 2.3 seconds, $414.54; Bridget Merrigan, tie for 5th, Marshall, MO, 2.3 seconds, $414.54.
 Shawn Smith, 1st, Sparta, MO, 4.0 seconds, $940.47; Joe Busch, 2nd, Neola, IA, 4.4 seconds, $778.32; Garrett Van Petten, 3rd, Meridan, KS, 5.0 seconds, $616.17; Fenton Nelson, 4th, Marshall, MO, 5.2 seconds, $454.02; Jerry Beaumont, 5th, Albia, IA, 5.3 seconds, $291.87; Colton Madison, 6th, Whiting, IA, 5.4 seconds, $162.15.
 Austee VonAhn,1st, Palmyra, MO, 14.723 seconds, $1,682.60; Bailie Smith, 2nd, Leon, IA, 14.726 seconds, $1,430.21; Jeanne Anderson, 3rd, White City, KS, 14.771 seconds, $1,177.82; Mackenzie Evans, 4th, Earlham, IA, 14.778 seconds, $1,009.56; Ashley Baur, 5th, Hedrick, IA, 14.809 seconds, $841.30; Ashley Foutch, 6th, Eldora, IA, 14.818 seconds, $588.91; Jennifer Woolridge, 7th, Burlington, IA, 14.846 seconds, $420.65; Jesse Alsup, tie for 8th, Fair Grove, MO, 14.893 seconds, $315.49; Mattie Moore, tie for 8th, Harrisonville, MO, 14.893 seconds, $315.49; Pollie Hunter, 10th, Mount Vernon, MO, 14.965 seconds, $252.39; Meredith Evans, 11th, Gallatin, MO, 15.000 seconds, $210.33; Vickie Dales, 12th, Milo, IA, 15.039 seconds, $168.26.
 Tyler Johnson, Mound City, KS and Derrick Peterson, Louisburg, KS, tie for 1st, 5.1 seconds, $1,383.68; Tyler McMinn, Melrose, IA and Derrick Younger, Oskaloosa, IA, tie for 1st, 5.1 seconds, $1,383.68;Jason Arndt, Fort Scott, KS, and Chad Mathes, Rayville, MO, 5.3 seconds, $902.40; Jay Domer, Topeka, KS, and Ryan Domer, Topeka, KS, 5.6 seconds, $721.92; Marshall Samples, Adrian, MO and Travis Alford, Peculiar, MO, 5th, 5.9 seconds, $601.60; Aaron Magneson, Highlandville, MO and JL Johnson, Crane, MO, tie for 6th, 6.0 seconds, $421.12; Taylor Shoddy, Maryville, KS and Chase Gibbs, Junction City, KS, tie for 6th, 6.0 seconds, $421.12; Payden Emmett, Mount Vernon, MO and Kelly Beahm, Stephenville, TX, 8th, 6.1 seconds, $180.48.
 Bailie Smith, Leon, IA, All Around Champion and Jay Domer, Topeka, KS, Reserve All Around Champion.