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New DCDC Executive Director

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

There's a new person in charge at the Decatur County Development Corporation, and he is excited to get started! Ethan Pitt is the new director of the Decatur County Development Corporation (DCDC), a non-profit that looks to facilitate economic growth in Decatur County.

Pitt is a 2015 graduate of Graceland University, where he majored in economics and business with a minor in mathematics. He has lived in the county for fifteen years and is passionate about economic development. He has been to the Philippines twice through Graceland on economic development trips.

Pitt is young, 23 years old, but he knows he will have to work with people in the community that are wiser than he is. He also sees his youth as an advantage, as he can provide energy and passion towards his work.

"Most people are passionate about where they live. Decatur County is a good place to live, [and] if people realize that, they are more likely to shop local and hire local," Pitt said. "I want people to live here because they want to live here."

Pitt said about half of his job is supporting the local entrepreneurs, with the other half working on recruiting outside businesses to relocate to Decatur County. He said working on retaining the population while continuing to increase the standard of living and quality of life is one of his goals.

 Pitt encourages people to stop by the DCDC office in the lower level of the courthouse if they have any ideas or just want to talk to him. He has access to consulting as well as other assets and resources.

"Our goal is happiness, but to achieve that goal we look to facilitate economic development, which in turn increases the quality of life and standard of living in Decatur County," Pitt said. "[It] encourages people to move here and stay here. We just want people to realize that Decatur County is a good place to be."

Pitt is available in the summer from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. His email is His courthouse phone number is 641-446-4991 and his cell phone number is 641-442-6511. The best way to contact Pitt is by cell phone.

By Alex Foltz
The Leon Journal-Reporter