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2015 Citizen of the Year Celebration

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

2014 Citizen of the Year Maggie Lindsey presented the 2015 Citizen of the Year Award to Naida Hill.

"Choosing the next citizen of the year was a challenging task for myself and the other past recipients when we got together as a group. Because we are blessed with a community that is filled with amazing people that go beyond their daily duties to ensure that our community is a great place to live. Our 2015 award winner has been in our community for many years.

I wanted to look my best when to present this award to this year’s recipient so I brought some of my favorite pieces to help present this award

A Hat – We wear many hats in our lives, our Citizen of the year is a wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, aunt, volunteer and employee to a very important business in our community.

A coat – This individual has the warmth and heart of gold that wraps every individual that she meets like a beautiful coat. As a mother she was very involved with her children’s activities. Everything from wrestling, music, attending athletic events and helping to decorate for proms.

Jewelry – Marilyn Monroe once said, “give a girl the right jewelry and a she can conquer the world.” Running a business is never an easy task, day in and out the never ending duties of being successful and keeping your customers happy. Our award winner has figured this out. Managing a business that brings in customers from all around to buy goods and in return a business that gives back greatly to our community.

Gloves – They say a strong woman is the one who knows how to be quiet, shed a tear for a moment, and then picks up her gloves and fights again! Our Citizen of the year started school in a kindergarten class of two in small country school. She went on to finished grade and high school in Leon. She developed a hard work ethic at an early age by waitressing at both the E & M and Bus Depot Cafes in Leon.

Speaking of putting up a good fight – this lady loves to watch her Iowa Hawkeyes play and is missing the game tonight to be here with us.

A good Book – Maya Angellou said – “Courage allows the successful woman to fail and learn powerful lessons, from the failure. So in the end, she really didn’t fail at all”. Our Citizen of the year has served on the Leon Public Library Board of Trustees. She has served as member of the Leon Chamber of Commerce and as a past president for our organization.

Handbag – I woman can never have too many handbags. “ A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you”! – Bill Connelly. I just found a ton of pennies in the bottom of my handbag. That reminds me that I learned that Leon use to have a JC Penney’s store and the old JC Penney’s building is where the Great Western Bank is now located. The building was turned into a mini mall and managed by our receipant before it was purchased by the bank. 

And what woman does not love to travel and we never pack too much right? . . . . with our handbag and many other bags! Our Citizen of the Year loves to travel and has spent time in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Ireland, England, Scotland and Italy.

The scarf reminds me of our patriotic side, like a flag– Abraham Lincoln once said “ A women is the only thing that I am afraid of that I know will not hurt me”. Our Citizen of the year has been on the Decatur County Democrat Committee Chair and County Election boards and severed as an asset for the South Central Iowa Community Foundation Board.

If you haven’t pin pointed who our 2015 Citizen of the Year is, I am very pleased to inform you that she is in this very room. I asked her tonight to come and give a short presentation on New-2-U, the store she manages, but what I really want to her hear from her is to accept the 2015 Citizen of the Year award Naida Hill."