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Leon Business of the Week: Denny's Heating and Plumbing

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The birth of Denny's Plumbing in Leon occurred in 1994, under the owners of Denny (2nd generation owner) and Beth Hearron. Leon became their location of choice to own and operate a business when they chose to make Leon their home town. 

Denny's family and business have been a part of Leon longer than just 19 years. A walk down memory lane would introduce us to how Denny's family discovered Leon. Denny's parents, Rusty Hearron and wife Nedra, had lived in Fort Dodge prior to moving their family to Leon and while Rusty worked for Plumbs Supply for 28 years, part of his territory was servicing the Leon area. 

Rusty moved his family to Leon when he purchased the Fuller and Ryan Plumbing Store from Frosty (Forest) Fuller. In 1974, Rusty and Denny's Plumbing and Heating was created, located in the current building of Denny's Plumbing.

Denny's Plumbing provides plumbing, heating, air conditioning and repairs and can be found open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with the exception of the noon lunch hour. Denny's Plumbing can also be contacted outside of business hours for emergencies.

Denny shared that he has seen many changes in his plumbing and heating years of experience, with the main one concerning the rules and how they have changed. Plumbers are now required to be licensed, which requires continuous education and certifications. 

Denny's Plumbing provides a "peace of mind" for our Leon community, as they have traveled many miles to take care of customers, all hours of the night and days of the week, as well as provide a quick response to fix important needs. Denny's Plumbing is loyal, provides quality work, dependable and stands behind their work as well as cleans up after themselves.
Denny is proud to say he has been a loyal Lenex dealer since 1974. They want the community to know that even though their inventory may be limited, they are able to order most anything and receive the merchandise within a timely fashion. Denny and Beth also take pride in providing personal care as well as making sure their customers have thorough explanations of any product they sell.

Denny said, "I have enjoyed working for the community and wouldn't want to be anywhere else." They take pride in buying local and know and understand the benefits it provides. They mentioned that when running a business you work many hours, so they are appreciative to have most all their products and services available to them in Leon.

Denny and Beth have 2 grown children and many grandchildren and on June 7 will be married for 33 years, including living in Leon their entire married life. They are both very actively involved in many organizations and events, but say they probably spend most of their volunteer time as members of the Leon Rodeo Committee. Denny has been a Rodeo Committee member since 1975. 

The community of Leon may not thank you often enough for your commitment to owning a 2nd generation business in Leon and to your countless hours of volunteering, but your dedication is what has been a part of the many successes Leon has to celebrate and be proud of. Thank you!

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