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Leon offers many technology options for all your home, farm and business needs. The local communications provider is GRM Networks, with a business office in Leon. GRM Networks offers landline phone, long distance, Internet and TV services for residents and businesses in Decatur County, and surrounding counties in Iowa and Missouri.

With high-speed fiber optic cables installed throughout Leon, residents and businesses can take advantage of Internet speeds up to 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps) (also known as 1 Gigabit) with unlimited data usage.

Other products and services such as home security, connected home, and surveillance cameras are also available to get the most out of your Internet connection.

In addition to the high-speed phone, Internet and TV services provided by GRM Networks, Mediacom offers phone, Internet and cable TV services; and DISH Network and DIRECTV are available for satellite TV services.

Mobile phone and wireless services are also available in Leon, and are offered by Chat Mobility and U.S. Cellular.

GRM Networks: 1-800-551-1940 |
Mediacom: 1-866-637-2225 |
DISH Network: 1-866-739-2070 |
DIRECTV: 1-855-522-5328 |
Chat Mobility: 1-800-551-1940 |
U.S. Cellular: 1-641-572-1019 |